Your Accredited Tax Representative

In the real estate sales sector, GPB ACCREDITÉ offers assistance to non-residents and works closely with their notaries across France

GPB ACCREDITE holds a permanent tax representation accreditation issued by the General Direction of Public Finance (DGFIP).

Are you looking for a tax representative in Paris ? or a tax representative in Nice? Welcome to GPB ACCREDITE

At GPB ACCREDITE, we assist non-residents anywhere in France in all their real estate transfer projects (real estate or shares in companies with a majority of real estate interests).

In fact, any individual who is domiciled outside the European Union or the European Economic Area is required to appoint an accredited tax representative when selling a property in France. This obligation to appoint a tax representative is applicable to any real estate sale with the exception of sales below 150,000 euros and where the property has been held for more than 30 years.

Under these circumstances, GPB ACCREDITE determines the capital gain on real estate and calculates the amount of the associated taxes and duties. To achieve this, our team takes into consideration the acquisition costs incurred by the assignor in addition to the invoices for work carried out by the assignor. We may also recommend a standard abatement if it is more advantageous, in so far as the structure and duration of the ownership of the property transferred will so permit.

Given that the tax rules for calculating property capital gains are considerably different depending on whether the property transferred is held by an individual, a translucent civil company or an opaque foreign company, our role as tax representative in the process also consists in determining the deductions for the holding period or other exemptions that may apply to the current transaction prior to the sale. In our capacity as accredited tax representative, we ensure that the assignor complies with all of his/her tax obligations related to both the sale of his/her property (2048-IMM or 2048-M declaration, if applicable) as well as the holding of the property (No. 2746 declaration) as regards the 3% tax on the market value of the property held by a legal entity).

As part of our tax representation mandate, we ensure that the seller complies with the tax obligations and we are the main contact point for the French tax authorities with regard to any transaction related to the sale of the property asset for which we have been appointed.
To accomplish this, our team has set up a simple and professional procedure aimed at collaborating quickly and efficiently with the Notary or Tax Lawyer of the seller and thus facilitating the real estate transaction.

GPB ACCREDITE is a partner of the Pierre Botto Group, a firm that has been providing tax services to non-residents for the past 30 years.